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Mack Hawthorne 

Mack Hawthorne, a name known in the industry for his pro-active approach to eliminating crime and dangerous elements in Multi-Housing communities to his dedicated and personable approach to escorting client staff to their vehicles, has made it his goal for Arizona Central Protective Services to change the idea and mentality of the Security Industry. Mr. Hawthorne takes his training, knowledge and experience and passes it down to all his staff. He understands that to change the industry you have to out the client first and provide a service that goes above and beyond any expectation they have. 


Our people make the difference

Our staff receive some of the highest level of training in the industry. Everything from Law and Legal to Protection and Firearms training. When we dedicate class schedules to court room demeanor, report writing and rights and reasons for contact our staff become some of the highest trained personnel in the business. We bring over 50 years of combined service in our ownership and operations management and 100’s of years of combined service between our staff members. Training, understanding of client needs and dedication have proven to be the driving force between our company and our clients.

A small list of some of the training our staff are required to receive and/or be proficient in is

·         Report Writing

·         Law and Legal

·         Incident Response

·         Crime Scene Preservation

·         Courtroom Demeanor

·         Law Enforcement Contact

·         Destiny Software

·         Professionalism

·         Radio Technique

·         Public Speaking

·         And much more…

Let Arizona Central Protective Services show you what Security should be and provide you a cost-effective solution to all your safety and security needs.