"Protecting communities for better living"



1202 East Maryland Avenue 1G, Phoenix, Arizona 85014 

LIC# 1637270

Types of Customers

  • Residential
    • Multi Family Housing
    • Apartments
    • Condominiums 
    • Mobile Home Parks
    • Hotels/ Motels
  • Commercial
    • Retail Stores
    • Outlets
    • Medical Facilities
    • Malls
    • Office Buildings
  • Industrial
  • Special Events
    • Parties
    • Gatherings
    • University Sorority
    • University Fraternity
    • Work Place Violence

Hourly - This service is for customers that need to have a uniformed officer on their property for a extended amount of time.

Patrol - Our patrol services are cost effective for our customers. Our staff patrols several properties throughout the night. It allows random patrols at various times for a visible deterrent against crime.

Types of Services